Hello! I'm Hannah. 

Thanks for stopping by. I imagine you're here to learn more about my work and experience, and see it for yourself. If so, you've come to the right place. This website is a collection of various projects from design research to furniture building to photography, always growing, always changing, based on whatever I'm learning about and working on at the moment. 

At various points I've been a teacher, counselor, international trip leader, landscape architect, security officer (true, and funny, story), researcher, cook, artist, and gardener, among other things. No matter what my title or role, I'm always striving to learn as much as possible about how things work, from the nuanced details to the overarching system, and find ways to make the entire thing (from a service to an organization, from a month long overseas teaching experience to a planting schedule) better - for the people who use it, for the resources that feed it, and for the sustainability of the system overall. 

If after a thorough perusal you're still burning with curiosity about what I can do, shoot me a note and let's talk. 



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